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This project has come about after considerable consultation with the teachers in the NetWaste region about the type of waste related resources that would be of benefit. Surprise, surprise. Teachers informed us they wanted hands on activities that they could do with their students. In response to this NetWaste has developed a series of 7 activity based workshops and resources. This is an example of what can be found in our ‘Rubbish on the Run’ kit.

Activity based workshops and resources:

  • Worm Power
  • Caught on Composting
  • No Waste Lunch
  • Smart Shopping
  • Be a Super Hero and Recycle
  • Rubbish on the Run
  • Stuck on Stuff

All resources can provide links with the Cross Curriculum subjects of Sustainability, Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical Understanding, Literacy and Numeracy, Personal and Social Capability and Civics and Citizenship. Curriculum Links can be downloaded here

If you would like further information or are interested in receiving one or more of the kits please contact NetWastes Environmental Learning Adviser Sue Clarke on 0400 336 508 | Email:

School Education Program

NetWaste provides the resources and expertise to assist schools with waste education as part of the School Education Program which provides students with life-long skills that will assist them to reduce the amount of waste they generate.

NetWaste PS Waste Ed Program

Workshops on Offer for Schools Within the NetWaste Region

  • ‘Whoops That Doesn’t Go in the Recycling Bin’
  • ‘Rethink-it’s not just about recycling’
  • Rubbish=Resource
  • Worm Power
  • Caught on Composting
  • Litter Litter Everywhere
  • Stuck on Stuff
  • See What’s Cooking…make your own SUN OVEN!

For further information on the above school presentations please contact Sue Clarke NetWaste’s Environmental Learning Adviser on 0400 336 508 or email

Wilcannia workshop
Wilcannia workshop
Cudal Public School learning about Sun Ovens
Cudal Public School learning about Sun Ovens
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