What is e-waste and why is it a problem?

E-Waste is the term used for electronic equipment that is unwanted, and has no resale value or market – and when you think about all the electronic gadgets now on the market, they all end up somewhere when they no longer work or are outdated.

If we think about recent changes in electronic items available, you start to realise that there is a growing issue with safe disposal or recycling as the nature of this equipment means there a lot of different materials involved, for example:

  • Videos and video players, were replaced by DVDs and DVD players, which are now being replaced by USB drives and the internet;
  • CDs were replaced by IPods and MP3 players;
  • IPods Blackberries & MP3 players have been replaced by mobile phones and these are regularly upgraded;
  • Electronic game systems and games are continually outdated due to new technology;
  • Analogue televisions have been replaced by digital and 3D televisions, and;
  • Desktop computers are being replaced by laptops.
    For a full listing of items please view the following link; E-Waste Eligible Items

The list is seemingly endless – so what do you do with all this outdated or broken e-waste?

E-Waste recycling opportunity for local residents. Over the last 6 years NetWaste Councils have successfully recycled over 60 tonnes of e-waste, with the opportunity again available for residents to clear out their
unwanted items.

For disposal of EWaste please contact your local Council or visit www.recyclingnearyou.com

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