2023 Sims Metal Waste 2 Art – Winners List

We are very pleased to announce our 2023 Waste 2 Art Overall Winner-

Alan Stanger with the stunning artwork Not fast enough…

The full list of winners can be downloaded here.


Waste 2 Art official opening 22nd July

Everyone is welcome!

The official 2023 Sims Metal Waste 2 Art Showcase Opening will be held at Platform Arts Hub, Blayney on Saturday 22nd July 10.30am for 11.0am.

This is a free event – book your tickets through Eventbrite HERE

2023 Waste 2 Art Invitation

Here’s the theme for Waste 2 Art 2023….

Textiles & Fast Fashion

And we are very grateful to Blayney Shire Council who will be hosting the 2023 Regional Exhibition at:

Platform Arts Hub – Blayney Railway Station

Cnr Adelaide St and Railway Lane

 Blayney NSW 2799

Opening Saturday July 22nd 2023

Waste 2 Art People’s Choice award

We are very pleased to announce the 2022 Waste 2 Art People’s Choice award Winners…

And it’s a tie!

Frank Denis and Alan Stanger tied for this year’s people’s choice award, congratulations!

Frank Denis – I see you 

With the support of my Ancestors, I reject other’s prejudice. I refuse to be held back by the limitations of others.

Inspired by a charcoal drawing, I saw this old, ripped fly screen as a tonal drawing with the tears as highlights. Amazing what a few cuts can produce. I’ve combined my love of woodwork using scrap timber to make the frame.


Alan Stanger – Binfluenced

Ibis foraging through bins have become so commonplace in our cities and towns that this unusual bird has been given the comical nickname The Bin Chook.

These Australian native birds have migrated into our cities and towns as the concrete jungle marches on destroying their native habitat. Once using their long beaks to extract insects from wetlands they are now forced to adapt by upskilling those same beaks to open bins and pierce garbage bags in order to survive.

They are seen by many as smelly, dirty scavengers but to me they are a symbol of nature’s endurance and its amazing ability to adapt as humans continue to erase the natural environment due to overpopulation and urban sprawl.

I have created this piece in the hope that people stop seeing the Ibis as an ugly part of nature but instead look further to see an ugly side of humanity.


2022 Waste 2 Art Overall Winner – Heather Snitch


is the Overall Winning artwork for 2022 Waste 2 Art.

Heather Snitch from Bathurst made this amazing tree from plastic bags. Congratulations on the win!

 Heather Snitch             Plastic Doesn’t Grow On Trees

Category: Community 3 Dimensional

This piece was made using bread bags, I crocheted with yarn made of strips cut from bread bags. No waste was generated as the offcuts that I could not use were used as stuffing. The only new material was a bit of wood for the frame inside, it needed to be stabilised to stand up like a tree. I have never crocheted a 3D tree, so the whole way along I did not know how it would turn out. I am incredibly pleased with it. The organic shape came out beautifully. I needed hundreds of bread bags. Each crochet row from the base of the tree is a new bag. I sourced these from friends and colleagues, as well as my own household.

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