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The new education strategy Our Backyard. Our Stuff. Our Responsibility (2022-2027) expands on, extends, and refines the actions, approaches, and energies of the existing What Waste Where Education Strategy (2013-2022). The new strategy also adapts to the evolving context of waste management and community attitudes, capacities, and expectations. It offers innovative approaches to education and engagement.


Community consultation for Our Backyard. Our Stuff. Our Responsibility (2022-2027) consultation found:


  • People care about waste. They want to reduce it and are receptive to messages about reducing waste.
  • Households said managing waste can be complex.
  • Communities want clear messages and efficient systems. They want to know how to use the systems that are in place in their local communities.
  • People care what happens to their waste, where recyclables go and what impacts waste has on the environment.
  • Everyone has a responsibility for waste from locals and organisations to tourists.
  • Across the NetWaste region, people value education.
  • People are proud of their towns and their region. ‘Local’ matters.


NetWaste aims to provide innovative approaches to waste education.


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