Here’s the theme for Waste 2 Art 2023….

Textiles & Fast Fashion

And we are very grateful to Blayney Shire Council who will be hosting the 2023 Regional Exhibition at:

Platform Arts Hub – Blayney Railway Station

Cnr Adelaide St and Railway Lane

 Blayney NSW 2799

Opening Saturday July 22nd 2023

2022 Waste 2 Art Overall Winner – Heather Snitch


is the Overall Winning artwork for 2022 Waste 2 Art.

Heather Snitch from Bathurst made this amazing tree from plastic bags. Congratulations on the win!

 Heather Snitch             Plastic Doesn’t Grow On Trees

Category: Community 3 Dimensional

This piece was made using bread bags, I crocheted with yarn made of strips cut from bread bags. No waste was generated as the offcuts that I could not use were used as stuffing. The only new material was a bit of wood for the frame inside, it needed to be stabilised to stand up like a tree. I have never crocheted a 3D tree, so the whole way along I did not know how it would turn out. I am incredibly pleased with it. The organic shape came out beautifully. I needed hundreds of bread bags. Each crochet row from the base of the tree is a new bag. I sourced these from friends and colleagues, as well as my own household.

2022 Waste 2 Art Winners!!!

We are very pleased to announce the 2022 Waste 2 Art Winners below

Primary 2 D Emily & Claire Lucan “Fishtastic” Winner ($200) Dubbo
Bathurst Pre School Goodstart Gilmour Street “Biyang Gidyira, Many Animals Highly Commended Bathurst
Henry Callan “Camping at Easter” Highly Commended Bathurst
Kandos Public School “Fending Off Flotsam” Highly Commended Mid-Western
Primary 3 D Yr 3-6 Spring Hill Primary School “S.O.S. Save Our Seas” Winner ($200) Orange
Oberon Children’s Centre “Under the Sea” Highly Commended Oberon
Andrew Fernando “Snake” Highly Commended Coonamble
Primary Functional Lianna Maber “Butterfly High” Winner ($200) Bogan
Eglinton Public School Stage 1 “If it’s Not in the Bin it’s On You” Highly Commended Bathurst
Max Finnegan “Mr Sailboat” Highly Commended Parkes
High School 2 D Liliana Comber “Wasteland” Winner ($300) Dubbo
High School 3D Chelsea Stocks “Jellyfish Junkyard” Winner ($300) Bathurst
Annabelle Harris “Totem Pole” – Highly Commended Coonamble
High School Functional Parkes Christian School “Chair” Winner ($300) Parkes
Dia MacNarmara “The River” Highly Commended Lithgow
Community 2D Julie Lucato “Bower Bird” Winner ($500) Bathurst
Clare McAdam “Arty Barty” Highly Commended Lithgow
Hayley Egan “Mosaic Skin” Highly Commended Lachlan
Donna Pumpa “Three Little Fishes” Highly Commended Bogan
Community 3D Abigail McLaghlin “Super Hero Dogs” Winner ($500) Bogan
Sonja Sands “New Blossoms” Highly Commended Coonamble
Gary Barwick “Seasons at Tin City” Highly Commended Orange
Erik Lensson “Grace” Highly Commended Parkes
Community Functional Kathy Avgoulas “Rusted Waste Not Want Not” Winner ($500) Lithgow
Julie Lucato “Jeb the Bear” Highly Commended Bathurst
Benson O’Donnell “Duffle Trouble” Highly Commended Parkes
Open 2D Prue Mogg “Earth Palette With Echidnas” Winner ($500) Lithgow
Helen Standen “Refused” Highly Commended Parkes
Open 3D Chantelle Holmes “You Are Not Alone” Winner ($500) Bathurst
Jillian Ashworth “Extinction Not Just For Polar Bears” Highly Commended Lithgow
Lanny Mackenzie “My Little Dragon” Highly Commended Orange
Helen Standen “”Autumnish” Highly Commended Parkes
Open Functional Prue Mogg “Bright Bowls” Winner ($500) Lithgow
Fiona Howle “Umbrella – La Nina Made Me Do It” Highly Commended Bathurst
Lanny Mackenzie “Sunshine” Highly Commended Orange
Sonia Tilley “Miss Poly Ethylene” Highly Commended Parkes
Creative Repair, Restore and Refurbish” Julie Dearden “Full of Beans” Winner ($500) Parkes
Nyngan’s Men’s Shed “Like New – Table and Chairs” Highly Commended Bogan
Waste Theme Award Sonia Tilley “Miss Poly Ethylene” Winner ($300) Parkes
Herb Clarke Memorial Award Nyngan’s Men’s Shed “Like New – Table and Chairs” Winner ($500) Bogan
Curator’s Award Annabelle Harris “Totem Pole” Winner ($300) Coonamble
Sims Metal Award Alison Dent “Mad Max Fury Road” Winner ($500) Orange
Colin Jones Memorial Award Helen Standen Autumnish Winner ($300) Parkes
Overall Winner Heather Snitch “Plastic Doesn’t grow On Trees” Winner ($1000) Bathurst



Thanks to Outback Arts for 2021 Waste 2 Art Exhibition

We would like to send a big thank you to Outback Arts for hosting the 2021 Waste 2 Art exhibition and Coonamble Shire Council for their assistance and hospitality. Unfortunately Covid did create some challenges for workshops and limited gallery hours but it never dampened the enthusiasm and commitment from this great team. There are so many fantastic artworks on display which you can check out online HERE.



2021 Waste 2 Art Online

We have announced the Regional Winners for Waste 2 Art 2021 and all the works can be viewed online HERE

The entire exhibition is online too so you can see all your local LGA winners who made it to the regional HERE

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