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NetWaste is a voluntary regional waste group formed in 1995 to provide collaborative approaches to waste and resource management. Covering almost 40% of the state, benefits are delivered to 25 member councils in regional NSW.

NetWaste is funded primarily through the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and delivers outcomes beyond regional service arrangements, through targeted waste management projects, education and community engagement programs, and member Council enablement.

Getting rid of it

There are many different types of wastes found around our home. What should we do with the items that can't go in our bins like paint, motor oil or mobile phones?

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Recycle it

NetWaste is pleased to provide recycling resources for all community members to outline various services, recycling rules, the process, green waste and composting

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Learn about it

NetWaste is involved in many educational programs to help you learn how to change your behaviour to reduce waste and recover valuable resources

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Federal and state policy is driving greater resource recovery and reduction of waste to landfill. NetWaste helps facilitate local programs and projects to achieve this

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