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Managing waste is a major issue for today’s societies. Australians produce approximately 540 kgs of waste per person per year.

The amount of waste produced in Australia has nearly doubled in the last 10 years to 64 million tonnes of waste. Household waste makes up almost half of the solid waste, the rest is commercial and industrial waste, and building and demolition waste.

The average Australian family of 4 people makes enough waste in one year to completely fill a 3-bedroom house from the floor to the ceiling.

On average, every Australian throws out:

  • 330 kg of paper
  • 552 kg of aluminium cans
  • 118 kg of plastic
  • 74 kg of metal
  • 414 kg of food
  • 206 glass bottles/jars

Regional Material Recycling Facilities

Dubbo – materials from kerbside recycling collections from Narromine and Dubbo Councils are taken to the Whylandra Waste & Recycling Facility in Cobra Street. For more information about Waste Services visit the Dubbo Regional Council or phone Dubbo Council on  68014000 or Narromine Council on 6889 2579.

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